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About US

Furniture Elevator is the  Innovative concept
for ZOOMING IT UP efficiently

We work with the leading movers in the Tri-State Area. We also do moving for residential homes, buildings, contractors and appliance centers. Anything to make the move effective & efficiently. We carefully plan your move and bring in our equipment and personnel as the truck rolls in to your location. Your appliances, parcels, furniture, large and heavy materials are placed straight off the truck onto our hoist, and our personnel lift them up to the elevation required, bringing your items directly into the desired area.

When stairs or doorways is restricted, furniture and parcels need to be moved to an upper floor, Furniture Elevator comes in to lift your furniture via the windows. A fully trained operator will elevate comfortably and speedily your items up or down from the premises. Furniture Elevator is able to assure that you will receive a quality service and will do all it can, in order to make your move run as smoothly as possible.

What we do?

Hoist it up in half the time

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How about Some Fun Facts about our Hoist?

No need to worry about damaging your furniture, we will ZOOM IT UP in no time!